Physical Trainer/Physical Therapy by a Dr. of PT

Dr. Brandon Do can provide an examination of your overall health and recommend certain exercises to help you strengthen areas of your body needed for the sport of tennis. He can put you thru the workout needed to keep your body in competition shape for those tournaments you're looking to compete in. Dr. Brandon works with World class athletes.

Coaching: Speciality:
Ground Strokes
Volleys and Overheads
Physical Training
Mental Training
Coaching: Player Skill Level:
Beginner (NTRP 1.5 ~ 3.0)
Intermediate (NTRP 3.5 ~ 4.0)
Advanced (NTRP 4.5+)
General Availability (for all categories):
Weekday Mornings (before 12 pm)
Weekday Afternoons (before 6 pm)
Weekday Evenings (after 6 pm)
WeekEND Mornings (before 12 pm)
WeekEND Afternoons (before 6 pm)
WeekEND Evenings (after 6 pm)

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Mark C

12 months ago

Hey Tod. Have any pictures or descriptions of some of the routines you know?

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Brandon D

12 months ago

Good Afternoon Mark,

I can put together some pictures of what exercises I prescribe both patients and clients. These sports-specific exercise programs are designed to minimize the likelihood of the athlete succumbing to an injury, to recover faster if injured and to maintain their optimal "tennis shape". I like to think of it as "futureproofing" the body. Common problem areas for tennis athletes include overuse injuries, primarily in the shoulder when the athletes have strong internal rotator muscles for accelerating the shoulder and racquet and have an imbalance of strength in their decelerating muscles (external rotators).

A sample routine would include kettlebell exercises for shoulder strength and stability, agility ladder, bosu ball to challenge the distal extremities to play on a variety of surfaces and increase proprioception, developing strength in the hips, knees and ankles to assist the athlete while transitioning up and down the court (jumping, skipping, sliding, split step, etc..)


Brandon Do, PT, DPT

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