tennis coach for any goal

stop wasting money on tennis lessons that will not develop your game. or do you think only rich people can afford to play good tennis. Imagine you only had money for one lesson. well this would be the lesson to invest the money in. no one will give you more than me. sorry to say but i am not sorry to be proud to be the best tennis player in town at 40 years old and i am not even training fitness condition. or i dont even practice.

tennis lessons tips and drills for advanced beginner or intermediate player. i am an expert in tennis for little kids or highschool kids.

call me at 7203226463

i do hitting lessosn for the same price ill do a teaching lesson.

here is a video reminder of what and how my lesson will change your life forever . this is not a joke i ahave been blessed to help you play tennis...thanks

Coaching: Speciality:
Ground Strokes
Volleys and Overheads
Physical Training
Mental Training
Coaching: Player Skill Level:
Beginner (NTRP 1.5 ~ 3.0)
Intermediate (NTRP 3.5 ~ 4.0)
Advanced (NTRP 4.5+)
General Availability (for all categories):
Weekday Mornings (before 12 pm)
Weekday Afternoons (before 6 pm)
Weekday Evenings (after 6 pm)
WeekEND Mornings (before 12 pm)
WeekEND Afternoons (before 6 pm)
WeekEND Evenings (after 6 pm)

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