1. What is OpenCourtClub.com?

We're a community of passionate tennis players whose simple goal is to make the great game of tennis affordable and accessible to everyone. By joining Open Court Club (OCC), you're becoming part of a unique community dedicated to promoting the sport of tennis.

2. How to join?

Open Court Club is a peer-to-peer tennis marketplace facilitating the connection of individuals to each other for offering and consumption of tennis-related services such as coaching/training, hitting partner practice and tennis racket stringing. Here's how it works: https://opencourtclub.com/en/infos/how_to_use

3. What is video verification?

Video verification is a means for identifying OCC users to ensure they are who they say there are in their profile. We’ve implemented this optional identification method for two reasons: (1) To build a community of trust between service providers and service consumers and (2) To build an enhanced sense of safety in the community. These two characteristics help ensure both service providers and consumers can enjoy the benefits OCC brings.

4. How do I become video verified?

To become video verified, you must upload a YouTube link of a video that meets the following criteria: (1) YOU talking to the camera with at least your face clearly displayed. Your profile photo must match up to the person in the video. (2) Tell your audience why you joined OCC and what you hope to get out of it and (3) Limit the video to no more than 1 min in length. Once it is uploaded, we will verify the video and once identification is complete, we will add the video verification badge to your profile.

5. What is background verification?

Background verification is a means of verifying one’s background. Primarily, we are searching for one of two types of red flags: (1) Criminal record and (2) Sex offenders. As long a user’s public background check does not bring up any felonies (within the past 10 years) or as a registered sex offender, the user will receive a background verified badge.

6. How do I become background verified?

Step 1: You can only become Background Verified if are already Video Verified. See “How do I become Video Verified?” above. Step 2: Send a $5 payment to mark@opencourtclub.com either through Stripe or PayPal along with your personal details (including: first name, last name, most recent physical address and phone number). We will look you up through our background check service provider and reach out to you to confirm key information. Once this information has been verified (essentially verifying your identity) and assuming you have not incurred any felonies in the past 10 years and are NOT a registered sex offender, you will become Background Verified and a badge will appear on your profile indicating so. If your background check fails, we will issue you a refund and a background verified badge will not be assigned to your profile. If you successfully earn a Background Verified badge, the badge will be good for one year after which time it will have to be renewed for the same fee.

7. As an OCC user, do I have to become video or background verified?

This is entirely up to you, however, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you do so. Why? This community is built on the foundations of trust and transparency and without verification it will be increasingly difficult to transact and get on the court, train, get coaching, get your racket strung and have fun.

8. Can OCC guarantee the person showing up to meet me is indeed the person they say are in their profile and can you guarantee my safety?

We CANNOT guarantee the person showing up to meet you is indeed who they say they are and we CANNOT guarantee safety. However, we have provided OCC users with the tools to become Video Verified and Background Verified which reduces identification and safety risks. Additionally, should you come across any suspicious activity or users, please do not hesitate to “Report User” and OCC will address these issues immediately. Our goal is to create a transparent and trusting community so we will always put safety first and continue to develop new ways to enhance customer safety.