Information about Open Court Club


Who We Are

We're a community of passionate tennis players whose simple goal is to make the great game of tennis affordable and accessible to everyone. By joining the Open Court Club, you're becoming part of a unique community dedicated to promoting the sport of tennis.

Some time ago, Mark, our Founder, noticed the demand for more affordable tennis services as a kid growing up in Southern California. Having spent his childhood through college years playing competitive tennis, he was surprised at how difficult it could be to find hitting partners, stringing services, specialty coaching and training and ample court time. In his travels around Asia and Europe, he also took notice of the world's youth and how so many of them would love the opportunity to play, but are held back for numerous reasons. Open Court Club is our solution to both lowering the cost of and increasing the convenience of finding relevant tennis services. This is only our first step in achieving our long-term goals, but as the famous Chinese proverb goes: "A 1,000 mile long journey begins with a single step."

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to building this community together!

- The Open Court Club Crew